Control Union



We offer you a global one-stop-shop for a wide range of certification programmes. Our certificates are accepted by authorities in nearly every country. We understand the importance of impartiality and objectivity, and how to professionally manage conflicts of interest.

From the beginning, sustainability has been the main focus of our certification services. Control Union presents a wide range of programmes in agriculture, food, feed, forest products, textiles and bio energy. Our programmes are managed in a more decentralised way, with accreditations that reduce dependency on any one authoritative body. Key programme issues are food safety, sustainability, recycling, footprint and social aspects.

No-nonsense approach

Traceability is required throughout the entire product chain through web applications. Most far-reaching programmes tend to include agricultural practices, social criteria, water footprint and greenhouse gas emissions for specific product chains, brands or companies. We are a no-nonsense partner who develops, implements, executes and monitors these programmes on a global basis.

Customised programmes

More and more brands are choosing customised (sustainable) programmes. We can help with the set-up, implementation and running of these programmes on a global scale. Our network of dedicated experts are familiar with social, environmental and economic auditing along with the practices of farmers, foresters, processors and traders.

Food safety operations

At Control Union, global food safety is another important focus point. That is why we are certified in BRC, FSSC 22000, HACCP and ISO 22000. Our team of highly professional auditors is dedicated to giving you the service laid out in our policy; to be a well-established, high-quality, independent and reliable service provider.